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Refurbished and Certified Lab Equipment

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We are a service based Company with Vast Technical Expertise in support of Chromatography Instruments  of all major Brands.
We currently offer :

  • Service /Suport for  GC /GCMS /HPLC  for Agilent /Perkin Elmer 
  • Brand Instruments
  • Service Support for LCMS  for Waters /Agilent
  • Validation Services (IQ/OQ/PQ)for all above equipments
  • Consumables and spares
  • Refurbished and certified Chromatography and Spectroscopy Instruments

Refurbished Sciex API 150 Single Quad LCMS

Mass Range 50 to 2000 AMUTurbo ionspray Source

Backing Pump

Comes with Software Installed 

Free : Perkin Isocratic Pump and Manual Injector 

Refurbished Shimadzu UV Mini 1240


Wavelength range         : 190 - 1100 nm
Bandwidth                        : 5 nm
Wavelength Accuracy :  + 1.0nm
Photometric Range       :  0  - 200% T   -0.3 - 3 A
Lamp                                   : Halogen and Deutarium

Six Cell Chnager : Six Samples can be loaded at one time  


Refurbished Waters 515 Pump

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Refurbished Shimadzu HPLC


Isocratic Pump


Uv Detector
Manual Injector

Perkin Elmer GC HS





Refurbished Perkin Elmer Isocratic HPLC

  Isocratic Pump

  UV detector

 Manual Injector

  Software  and warranty

Refurbished Perkin Elmer HPLC with 785 UV detector



    Perkin Elmer Ser 200 Isocratic Pump

Perkin/ABI 785 UV detector
        Manual Injector
  One moth Warranty 

Refurbished Perkin Elmer Auto System XL GC


1. Autosampler Upto 100 Vials 
2. Split/Splitless Cap Injector
3. FID detector
4. Full Electronic Pressure /Flow Control for   Injector and Detector
5. Analog Data Collection Software
6. Warranty 


* : Prices shown above are indicative prices and can change at any time. Please contact us  for current pricing